Adult Zombie Costumes

Join the Walking Dead with a zombie costume that gives you the chance to try out that shambling walk you've been practicing in public! You can get the rotting flesh and tattered clothing that make you shiver when you watch Dawn of the Dead, or that make you chuckle when you watch Shaun of the Dead! No matter what zombie movie you're picturing yourself in, you can join the horde of undead looking like you came straight from a Hollywood special effects studio.
Adult Zombie Costume
The Walking Dead was a culmination of a renewed cultural interest in the zombie. The undead are the ultimate nightmare with only one twisted goal - to eat the flesh of the living! Show off your love for the zombie this Halloween with the Zombie Costume for Men an authentic attire dedicated to bringing out the horror! The dark brown jacket contains several specks of dried red blood and it goes over a ripped yellow shirt! Both the pants and shirt feature rotten flesh to give the outfit a realistic edginess. Of course you'll have to perfect the staggering walk of the zombie yourself. And don't forget to accessorize by adding some pale makeup and fake blood throughout to truly pull off the look. Then - stumble out into the night for some tasty treats and a ghoulish time! Get it for Halloween or any zombie bash by ordering online today with fast shipping!