Adult Santa Suit Costumes

Ho, Ho, Ho! Have you been practicing your Santa laugh? Now you can embody the spirit of Christmas and become the jolliest man in the North Pole with a Santa Suit Costume! Whether you’re surprising the kids on Christmas morning or impersonating St. Nick at a holiday party or professional event, there is a perfect Adult Santa Suit for any holiday occasion ranging from casual to professional. The deluxe professional Santa costumes are authentic and made from high-quality materials that will let your spread Christmas cheer year after year!
Adult Crimson Imperial Plush Santa Suit Costume
Dressing up as Santa Claus this year? Then don't miss out on our Adult Crimson Imperial Santa Costume. With this amazing holiday set, you will receive all of the attire you need to talk to snowmen, play with the reindeer, and eat all of Mrs. Claus' cookies in one sitting. Featuring a red lined jacket with zip front closure, a pair of lined pants with pockets, a Santa hat, a belt, and a pair of black boot tops, you won't want to miss out on this jolly look.
Adult Deluxe Velvet XX-Large Santa Suit Costume
Ho ho ho! Off to deliver presents we go! You will surely be all set to do Santa's work on Christmas or even Halloween, when you buy and put on this amazing Adult XX Large Deluxe Velvet Santa Suit which includes the following pieces: Santa pants, jacket, and coordinating belt, hat and boot tops. Whether you want to play Santa at the department store, your office party, or on the street for the Salvation Army, or whether you want to show up to your next Halloween party or take your kids trick or treating, this Halloween Santa costume is a great find. Should you desire additional accessories, consider one or more of these items: Santa Accessory Kit, Santa Belly Costume, and Deluxe Pro Santa Full Wig and Beard Set. Adults and children alike will be drawn to you instantly when you have this Santa Suit on, and you will feel the magic of Christmas instantly!
Adult 2Xl Simply Santa Suit Costume
We once counted 67 Santa's along the avenue. If you'd like to stroll the streets dressed as Kris Kringle too, we recommend the XXL Simply Santa Suit. Included in this merry set are pants, a hat, black belt and a top. This low priced suit is a great outfit to wear to a gathering of Santas. These days, many organizations hold Santa conventions, Santa races and Santa pub crawls. Most of these events raise money for charities. Participants need to pay a fee and wear a Santa Suit. If you are going to be running a race or traveling from bar to bar, you don't want to wear an expensive suit. Our suit may have a cheap price, but it is still a quality item and will look great on you this Christmas season.
Adult Crimson Regency Plus Costume
The holiday season doesn't come around often, have us make your special time with your friends and family great with our Adult Standard Size Crimson Regency Plush Santa Suit. It's a beautiful and well designed suit that's sure to bring out the holiday cheer in your mood. It has a plush satin texture and a vibrant red hue that will pop and bring attention to your chic suit. It comes with a matching pair of pants that will complement the style of your top half. It's topped off with a fashionable signature Santa hat that is sure to bring a smile to everyone's face. Make sure that you add some Santa swag like a faux toy box, beard and wig, or even a pair of white gloves to match your look. Keep the holiday spirit alive and kicking when you wear this Adult Standard Size Crimson Regency Plush Santa Suit.
Adult Plus Size Plush Santa Suit Costume
Bring some extra cheer to holiday gatherings this year when you wear the Adult Plus Size Plush Santa Suit Costume. Wear this comfortable outfit and give out Christmas gifts at a community event. Or put it on to visit your own family; just be sure to have on a pair of glasses and very large beard to disguise your facial features. You will bring joy to all the kids and children-at-heart who still believe in the magic of Christmas. Santa, originally known as Sinterklaas to the Dutch, was originally depicted as a bishop. But the Americans changed that. In 1837, Clement Clark Moore described him as a jolly old elf in his timeless poem A Visit from St. Nicholas. In 1863, cartoonist Thomas Nast depicted Santa as a stout man in a coat and striped pants. Today, Santa is a plump man in a red suit and elfish hat. Don't forget to order accessories to go with the suit. We have a white beard, bell, Santa bag and more available to order.
Adult Deluxe Velvet X-Large Santa Suit Costume
Want a Santa Suit that you can be proud of wearing in front of your kids on Christmas Eve? Then why not consider this Adult Deluxe Velvet X-Large Santa Suit which includes these very fine items: Santa jacket with coordinating pants, with matching belt, hat and boot tops. This is a wonderful Halloween Costume that can be worn at just about any time. Wear it to Christmas parties, charity events, winter events, school productions and promotional events. Children and adults alike will be attentive whenever they see you-- that's the natural draw of this amazing character. Should you like additional accessories, consider these: Heavy Duty Suspenders for Adults, Deluxe Pro Santa Full Wig and Beard Set, Santa Belly Costume and Velvet Santa Bag with Bells. Enjoy your Christmas, Halloween and Winter Holidays by getting this lovely Deluxe Santa Suit, and spreading the joy by watching them smile ear to ear.
Adult Simply Suited Santa
Put on this modern and sophisticated twist to St. Nick in this Simply Suited Santa Claus costume. Outfit features a long sleeve red suit jacket with a plush white shawl lapel, single white button front closure, white pocket flaps on sides and a black silk pocket square; matching red pant bottoms and the iconic signature red and white Santa hat complete this sleek look. Includes jacket, pants and hat; all other accessories shown sold separately. Great for themed events and parties, photos, fun runs or for any other dress up occasion.
Adult Disposable Santa Claus Costume
If you have to look like Saint Nick for less, the Adult Disposable Santa Claus Costume is just for you. This costume features a Santa hat, black belt, red jacket and matching pants. It is designed for events that require you to go dressed as Santa like pub crawls, polar bear plunges, charity walks and runs, and other themed parties. If you want to go the extra mile, pick up the glasses, wig, long white beard and mustache, gloves and boot tops, sold separately. This costume is comfortable and lightweight, but is designed for wearing once, and not for professional appearances. While it is simple, it is unmistakably Santa and will let you fit right with the other Saint Nicks at your event.
Adult XX-Large Regency Plush Santa Suit Costume
You've got holiday spirit that's large and in charge, make sure that your seasonal apparel matches with our Adult Xxl Regency Plush Santa Suit. It's a bold, fresh suit that has tons of Christmas spirit and chic fashion. Our bright and vibrant lined jacket pops out and immediately puts the Christmas spirit out and about. Jacket even has a faux white fur trim that garnishes the center and trim of the suit. It also comes with a Santa hat and complementing bold black belt that really helps the outfit shine. Add on a pair of glasses, faux toy box, or even a toy sack to really bring out your giving spirit. When you're ready to bring out the fashion and festivities, put on this Adult Xxl Regency Plush Santa Suit.
Adult Regency Plush Santa Costume
Ring in the holiday season with a bold and fun attire that will make your festivities great! Our Adult Standard Size Regency Plush Santa Suit will have you be the star of your next holiday party! This costume has a plush red display that is sure to catch everyone's eyes, and have you make the smiles appear! Soft and comfortable texture that will make your happy to be in your attire and look great doing it! This chic suit is topped off with an authentic styled hat that will have you remembering holiday festivities in no time. Make sure that you add on some fun accessories like a toy sack, glasses, or an authentic Santa wig and beard combo. It'll be a blast to dress in our Adult Standard Size Regency Plush Santa Suit and make the holidays special for everyone.
Adult Old Time Santa With Hood Costume
Is it Halloween or is it Christmas? Why not have the best of both worlds? You can with this fun Old Time Santa Costume! The Old Time Santa Costume features Santa's original white robe with a hood. The robe features an elegant gold wrap around the sleeves and lower part of the robe for added flair. Bring the holidays early to Halloween and be Old Time Santa with this Old Time Santa costume!
Adult Deluxe Velvet Santa Suit Costume
Are you ready for the holidays? If you aren't then why not get ready, by investing in this sensational Adult Deluxe Velvet Santa Suit, which includes the following pieces: Santa's hat, jacket with matching pants, belt, and boot tops. You will surely be all set for Christmas, the winter holidays and even Halloween once you have this Halloween Costume in hand. This Santa Suit is a fabulous bargain especially when considering how frequently you can wear this suit all year. You can wear it at themed parties, like birthdays, promotional events, charity events, Halloween and Christmas parties at home, your neighbor's or even at the office. Why even use it at the local department store and make part-time money having children tell you their Christmas wishes. For additional accessories, we have the following items available: Santa Belly Costume, Authentic Natural Santa Eyebrows, Santa Accessory Kit and the Santa Wig and Beard Set.
Adult XX-Large Crimson Regal Plush Santa Suit Costume
If you are seeking a fabulous Santa's costume either for Halloween or Christmas that has a bit more girth than normal, consider this Adult XXL Crimson Regard Plush Santa Suit. This particular Santa suit includes the jacket, pants, matching belt and hat, including boot tops. This costume not only gives you the extra space you will need as a larger man, but is made of quality materials and has great details. Don't be a Scrooge this Christmas especially when it comes to your Santa Suit. Be sure to look fabulous in front of the children with this Regal Plus Santa Costume and leave them with sugar plums dancing in their little noggins. If you're looking for more accessories, you have these to choose from: Santa Accessory Kit, Heavy Duty Santa Suspenders for Adults, Adult White Santa Wig and Beard and the Velvet Santa Bag with Bells. Not only is this costume fantastic for Christmas and Halloween, but you can wear it all winter long, especially leading up to Christmas, making it a great cost
Adult X-Large Deluxe Regency Santa Suit Costume
Bring big holiday fashion to your party this year when you slip into our Extra Large Regency Santa Suit Costume. It's a bold and fun outfit that will have you looking like the most authentic Santa this side of the North Pole. With a bright, vibrant red suit you can be sure that you'll catch merry carolers, and kid's eyes alike. It has a faux white leather trim across the chest and bottom portion of the suit that gives you a comfortable feel to complement your style. We even top off your chic costume with a signature Santa hat that will make you the star of your next holiday bash! Make sure that you add on some accessories to your outfit such as glasses, toy sack, or even a holiday bell. When you put on this Extra Large Regency Santa Suit Costume you'll make the holidays festive and fun!
Adult Xl Flannel Santa Suit Costume
Ho! Ho! Ho! Spread holiday cheer while dressed in this XL Flannel Santa Suit. This set contains everything you need to be Santa! It comes with a jacket, pants, hat, black belt with buckle, boot tops beard and wig. The long red jacket has belt loops and is accented with faux fur trim and it has matching pants with pockets. You can disguise your face with the white wig and beard so no one knows who you really are. Instead of Santa boots, you can put the black boot tops over footwear that you already own. Topping off the Santa style is a classic fur trimmed red elf hat with white pompoms. Designed to fit adults with an up to 50-inch chest, 42 to 46-inch waist and a 33-inch inseam. White gloves do not come with the costume but we do have them available in our accessories section.
Adult Santa Suit Set
Looking to become jolly Ol Saint Nicholas this holiday season? This Adult Santa Suit Set will help you easily transform into the Big Man in Red! This comfortable set includes Santas jacket, pants, hat, black belt, white gloves, black boot tops, glasses, a white beard and wig, and eyebrow whitener. The jacket is velvety red with soft, white fur down the front and around the collar, sleeves, and bottom. The pants are the same soft, red material with white fur around the boot tops. The wig and beard are bright white, full, and curly. You will be all set to spread holiday cheer to all!
Adult XL Imperial Santa Suit Costume
Don't just give gifts this year, spread a little holiday cheer while you're at it. And with the Men's XL Imperial Santa Suit, you can do just that. Go from loving dad to the coolest guy in the North Pole. Witness your childrens' faces light up as you come out from hiding on the big day! Whether it's a white Christmas, or a tropical one, NO Christmas is complete without old Saint Nick. So, what are you waiting for? Order the Men's XL Flannel Santa Suit today!
Adult Super Deluxe Santa Suit Costume
Become everybody's favorite jolly person this year when you put on our Deluxe Super Santa Velvet Suit. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become the happiest gift giver in the entire world. Featuring a red jacket lined with white fur trim, a pair of matching pants with pockets, a black belt with a golden buckle, a pair of black boot covers, and a Santa hat, you're going to love this one.
Adult Santa Deluxe Velvet Suit Costume
Become the best Santa in your neighborhood this year with a complete costume! Purchase the Men's Deluxe XXXL Velvet Santa Suit today! The black, white, and red six piece ensemble includes a red and white Santa Claus jacked lined with satin, a white and red hat, pants, a belt, black boot tops & white gloves. Finish this look with black boots. Add glasses and a white beard as accessories. All accessories are sold separately.
Adult XL Flannel Santa Suit Costume
Have a holly, jolly Christmas this year with the Men's XL Flannel Santa Suit. Fulfill your child's dreams and show up on the big day as the man himself! This gorgeous flannel outfit comes with everything you need to do just that. Get the iconic jacket, buckled belt, red pants and signature hat to complete the transformation. Add a fake breard or grow your own and you're ready to fool even the staunchest disbeliever. Deliver a little Christmas magic to your family this holiday season. Order the Men's XL Flannel Santa Suit today!
Premium Professional Santa Suit - 2X
Transform into the jolliest characters aroundSanta Claus! Become good Ol Saint Nick with this Premium Professional Santa Suit in an 2X size. This is the elevated Santa suit you are looking for! This high-quality Santa suit features a luxurious red velvet jacket that has soft white faux fur trim along the sleeves, bottom, and down the front. There is a big black belt with a shiny gold buckle that will fit around your jolly belly. The comfortable pants and hat are made from the matching red velvet material and furry trim. Also included are black boot tops and white gloves. Youll be ready for your big night Christmas Eve in this Premium Santa Suit!
Adult Deluxe Velvet Santa Suit Xl Costume
Ho ho ho! Who wouldn't know? More importantly, who wouldn't be won over by this XL Deluxe Velveteen Santa costume? The beautiful jacket is lined on the inside, has elastic in the back and zips in the front to fit elves of extra jolly sizes. The matching pants include pockets, perfect for carrying small treats for all the good girls and boys (and maybe a few for yourself, too!) and the wide black belt is nostalgically detailed with a big brass buckle. The finishing touches on this yuletide ensemble are the black boot tops, and of course, Santa's iconic hat. Don't get pegged as an imposter - this high quality Santa suit will have children of all ages convinced you're the genuine article. Be sure to check out our selection of Santa Claus accessories, including beards, belly pads, glasses and bells, to spread even more Holiday cheer!
Adult XX-Large Regal Plush Santa Suit Costume
Get ready to do your best Kris Kringle impersonation when you put on this amazing authentic-looking Adult XX Large Regal Plush Santa Suit Costume which includes the Santa jacket and pants, trimmed in faux fur, along with the matching hat, belt and boot tops. Should you wish additional accessories then consider these items: Santa Accessory Kit, Deluxe Pro Santa Full Wig and Beard Set and the Heavy Duty Santa Suspenders for Adults. Being Santa during Halloween or Christmas is a pleasure as adults and kids alike will treat you kindly because of who you represent. This is a fantastic Halloween Costume especially as trick or treaters will all be thinking about the upcoming holidays when they see you coming. Enjoy this Santa Suit which is sized Extra Large which will fit men from sizes 58 through 60, and have a merry, hearty Halloween and a happy new year! Ho Ho Ho!
Adult X-Large Regal Plush Santa Suit Costume
Whether you want to be Santa for Christmas, all during the winter, or just on Halloween, this Halloween Costume is to die for. The Regal Plush Santa Suit includes the following items: Santa Suit, hat, belt, buckle, attached boot covered. Get the X-Large Adult Regal Plush Santa Suit and delight the little ones, as well as the older adults, with your Santa impersonations. The little ones will be especially thrilled when they see Santa coming through the door early on Halloween. Should you love this particular outfit then you may want to think about getting some additional accessories as well. We have the following items available: Heavy Duty Santa Suspenders for Adults, Deluxe Pro Santa Full Wig and Beard Set, Santa Belly Costume and the Velvet Santa Bag with Bells. Take a moment and consider your Santa Halloween Costume options before making a firm decision. You will want to get a lovely Deluxe Santa Suit like this one, to be sure the quality is up to par. Once you have made your choic
Adult Size Flannel Santa Suit Costume
'Twas the night before Christmas and you are looking for something the wear. Why not put on the Standard Size Flannel Santa Suit? This soft flannel is very comfortable and can be worn for hours at a time. Don it for a family gathering and let the kids tell you want they want for Christmas. Or put it on for a community event and hand our gifts or candy to the children. Santa immigrated to the U.S. along with Dutch and German immigrants. Originally, he was called Sinterklaas then he was dressed like a saintly bishop. But his image began to change. In the 1800s, he was referred to as a jolly old elf by Clement C. Moore and Harper's Weekly put him in a red suit. While he was also seen wearing other colors, including green, once Coca Cola company started using Santa in its advertising, he was almost exclusively wearing a red and white suit. Order this now and wear it throughout the holiday season.
Adult Regal Plush Santa Suit Costume
If you are looking for a grand Santa Suit to wear for the upcoming holidays then look no further than this Adult Regal Plush Santa Suit with its lovely Santa red jacket trimmed with white faux fur, matching pants, black belt and boot tops. You will have everything you need in terms of the basics for a wonderful Halloween costume, and what is not included with the outfit, you can buy here separately. Consider these accessories such as the Velvet Santa Bag with Bells, Deluxe Pro Santa Full Wig and Beard Set, Heavy Duty Santa Suspenders for Adults and Spirit Gum Glue with Spirit Glue. This particular Santa Suit is sized Standard so you can be sure this will fit most men who take sizes 40-48. Wear this Santa Halloween costume for Christmas, during the entire winter, or just for Halloween. No matter how many times you wear it, everyone will look at you like it's the first time!
Adult Crimson Regency Plush Santa Suit Costume
Show off your jolly side this holiday with our Plus Size Crimson Regency Plush Santa Suit Adult Costume. This deluxe Santa outfit features all the trappings of typical Christmas outfits. Our Santa ensemble includes a plush jacket, pants with pockets, hat, belt, boot covers, gloves, and a vinyl zipper bag. The coat and pants are lined with white faux fur trim to match the traditional St. Nick look. Santa is said to be able to travel the whole world in one night to give good children their Christmas presents. If it just happens that Santa is too busy to attend your next community event or holiday pageant, you can fill in for him. Accessorize with items like a toy bag, glasses, wrapped gift boxes, beard and wig set, or jingle bells. Share a little magic with your friends or neighborhood children with our deluxe men's Santa costume suit.
Adult X-Large Deluxe Regency Crimson Santa Suit Costume
Making Santa come to life is a challenge, let us help you out by putting out this Extra Large Crimson Regency Santa Suit Costume. It's a beautiful and chic take on Santa's typical attire. You'll get a glossy vibrant red suit that has a satin texture to it. It has an authentic styled white fur trim that follows it down the chest and trim of the outfit. We include a pair of matching pants with zip-up front. Tie together the aura of Santa with his signature hat that we put into our outfit! You wouldn't be Santa without a few of his big accessories like a toy sack, glasses, or his token wig and beard. Make sure that you add these to create an authentic portrayal of the man himself. Our costume is fantastic, but it won't be as good without you in there to make it better.
Adult Crimson Imperial X Large Plush Santa Suit Costume
You'll have everybody laughing, smiling, and feeling the joy this year when you're wearing our Adult Crimson Plush Santa Costume. With this holiday set, you will receive everything you need to take a trip on your sleigh to the North Pole to chomp down on some of Mrs. Claus' famous cookies. Featuring a red lined jacket, a pair of matching pants, a red hat, a black belt, and a pair of boot tops, you're going to love this look.
Adult Simply Suited Santa Jacket & Hat
Put on this modern and sophisticated twist to St. Nick in this Simply Suited Santa Claus jacket and hat set. Outfit features a long sleeve red suit jacket with a plush white shawl lapel, single white button front closure, white pocket flaps on sides and a black silk pocket square and the iconic signature red and white Santa hat creates a fun new Santa look.