Adult Red Classic Top Hat

Size: One Size
Sale price$5.99


What can’t you do with a red top hat?! From dressing up like a magician or Little Red Riding Hood to pretending to be an Angry Bird or the Red Queen of Hearts from Alice In Wonderland, the options are endless. You can even glue a white letter M to the front of the hat and go around saying, “It’s a-me, Mario!” Go the extra mile and paint a white stripe around the middle of the hat for a “Where’s Waldo?” look. There’s nothing the vibrant Adult Red Classic Top Hat from can’t help you become this Halloween.
Care instructions
Wipe Clean With Damp Cloth. Line Dry. Do Not Wash. Do Not Bleach. Do Not Iron. Do Not Dry Clean.
100% Felt
14 Year Warning - Not Intended For Use In Play By Children Under 14 Years Of Age. - Flame Warning - Keep Away From Open Flames
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