Finding Nemo Dory Pet Costume

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Get ready to embark on an underwater adventure with your furry friend as they dive into the world of the deep blue sea, all thanks to our Finding Nemo Dory Pet Costume! This year, your beloved pet can transform into the lovably forgetful fish, Dory, who's always on the quest to find Nemo. Our comprehensive costume set provides everything you need to make this transformation a reality, ensuring your pet is the star of the sea-themed show! This charming costume showcases a vibrant and eye-catching design that captures the essence of Dory perfectly. It boasts a striking combination of blue, black, and yellow hues that mimic Dory's iconic appearance. The main costume body piece envelopes your pet's body comfortably, allowing for easy movement and ensuring your pet's comfort throughout their underwater journey. The standout feature of this costume is the hood, which features a delightful print of Dory's endearing face, complete with those big, lovable eyes. Our Finding Nemo Dory Pet Costume isn't just about looks; it's also designed with your pet's comfort in mind! The materials are soft and breathable, ensuring that your furball can enjoy wearing it for extended periods without any discomfort. Whether your pet is making a splash at a costume party, participating in a pet parade, or simply delighting your family and friends with their adorable Dory appearance, this costume is a surefire way to make lasting memories.
Care instructions
Hand Wash With Cold Water And Mild Detergent. Line Dry. Do Not Bleach. Do Not Iron.
Keep away from flame.
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