Kids Dark Knight Bane Deluxe Costume

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If your little one is a Batman fan then this might be the costume you are looking for. Bane is the notorious super villain of Gotham city that is famous for breaking Batman's back in the comic book series. Bane is a serious foe and while he is most well known for his incredible strength attributes he is both a physical and mental giant battling batman with his brawn and intellect Bane is also the villain in the newest Batman movie ?The Dark Knight Rising.? This costume features Bane's masked modeled after his mask in the movie, a one piece muscle chest jumpsuit, a molded belt and a molded gauntlet which fastens on to the right arm. Make sure to include additional accessories that can also be found here such as a fashionable pair of boots and other accessories to really make this costume complete. This costume is sure to be a big hit this year and will definitely be popular amongst the little ones.
Care instructions
Hand Wash Only
100% Polyester
Item No
Molded Gauntlet
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