Black and White Beetlejuice Makeup Set

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Tube Of White Makeup
Calling all Beetlejuice fans! Step into the world of the dark and mysterious with this Black and White Beetlejuice Makeup Set. This kit includes one tube of white cream makeup, a black makeup stick, and black tooth wax to help you bring all the charm and terror of the world's favorite ghoul to life. Use the cream makeup for a haunting white base, then use the black makeup stick to age yourself up with lines and creases. For the perfect final touch, use the black tooth wax to create realistic gaps in your teeth, and voilà! You'll look just like Beetlejuice himself! With easy-to-follow instructions, you don't have to be a makeup artist to replicate the signature look of Beetlejuice. Both the makeup and the tooth wax are easy to apply and easy to remove, designed to give you all you need for a creative and iconic look without the hassle. Pair with a black and white striped suit and an untamed head of hair, and nobody will be able to tell you apart. Take a page from the Handbook of the Recently Deceased, and embrace the strange and unusual. With a simple look that pops, you're sure to terrify at your next Halloween event.
Tube Of White Makeup
Care instructions
Hand Wash
100% Sythetic Materials
Keep Away From Fire
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