Beauty and the Beast Pet Costume

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Beauty and the Beast? More like Beauty and the Cutie. Transform your beloved pup into the most dapper and adorable Beast this year with our Beauty and the Beast Pet Costume. Your furry friend will exude elegance and charm as they step into the role of a true prince! While they may take on the persona of the Beast, deep down, your pup will always be the prince of your heart. This super-detailed costume set ensures that your dog not only looks the part but also captures the magic of this beloved Disney tale. The centerpiece of this enchanting costume is the Beast headpiece, which adds an air of regal sophistication to your pet's appearance. It's a symbol of the transformation that occurs in the heart of the Beast, showcasing the inner prince that resides within. Complementing the headpiece is a blue and yellow suit jacket adorned with an attached turquoise gem bow, an attached shirt, and a pair of pants. This ensemble mirrors the attire of the Beast in the Disney classic, ensuring your pup embodies the character's unique charm and style. The costume is designed for both aesthetics and comfort, allowing your dog to move freely and comfortably while looking handsome and princely.
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