Baby/Toddler Dolphin Costume

Size: 2T-4T
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Dolphins are some of the friendliest marine mammals in the shallow seas! Did you know that dolphins are a part of the whale family? Orcas and pilot whales and dolphins are related! Facts aside families are likely to enjoy a day at the seaside or an afternoon on a boat cruising to see dolphins jump through the surfaces of the water! When that's not always possible the next best thing is to dress up your little bundle of joy in this fantastic Dolphin Baby Costume! This aquamarine blue and white costume snugly wraps up your child from head to toe! Your little one's adorable face happily peeks out of the top of the costume so your baby can make googly eyes and silly faces you can capture with a camera! This outfit is made from super-comfy material so your child will be snug in this full-length costume! The Dolphin Baby Costume is extremely versatile so your baby can wear this disguise for Halloween when the wind is crisp but still remain cozy! The outfit is even great for birthday
Care instructions
Spot Clean
100% Polyester
Keep away from Fire
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