Baby/Toddler Cow Costume

Size: 6-12M
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When your baby hears the cow go moo he or she will giggle and maybe even wiggle with glee! You don't have to live on a farm with a half dozen stables to know how loveable cows can be! In fact cows are more than delightful animals. They deliver milk! Well it's the delivery truck that delivers the milk but cows supply this nutritional beverage! So why wouldn't your little bundle of joy want to be dressed in his or her finest? This fantastic Cow Baby Costume is the perfect outfit for any baby who loves milk or ice cream! The costume features a crisp white background with the irregular black spots of a spotted cow! Your child will be completely cozy wearing this lovely outfit that covers him or her from head to toe! While your baby's body is wrapped in cow awesomeness your child's head will be covered in a soft headpiece with a pair of charming pink cow ears poking out! You might even get to see a cow's tail if your baby crawls around! This delightful Cow Baby Costume is made from
Care instructions
Spot Clean
100% Polyester
Keep away from Fire
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