Teen Boys' DC Comics Arrow Zip Up Hoodie

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Jacket And Gloves.
This Halloween, go out as the sharp shooting, hooded vigilante The Green Arrow. Introduced in comics in the 1940's and popular in the 1970's, The Green Arrow has been revamped yet again into a popular television show now. The Green Arrow is a wealthy businessman and industrialist by day and crime fighting hero by night, who of course specializes in hi-tech arrows to get the job done. This is a really fun and unique hero to dress up as. Part Robin Hood and part Batman, The Green Arrow is a very different take on the comic book hero. This fun costume makes you look just like him in the television series. This simple costume package features a long dark green hooded jacket and brown gloves. The hood is oversized so it can really hide your face, but adding a domino mask and our prop bow and arrow set would really finish the ensemble. Order yours today!
Jacket And Gloves.
Care instructions
Hand Wash
100 % Polyester
Keep Away From Fire
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