Adult DC Comics Supergirl Costume

Size: S-M
Sale price$22.99


Turn yourself into a charming and lovely superhero known as Supergirl and take flight to the skies with your whole new character look. Introducing the Magical Supergirl Dress with Wings Costume. The wings are representing the ability of Supergirl (or any other superhero for that matter) to take flight and swoop through the skies. Though it's pretty much impossible to actually fly in reality millions of people have always dreamed of taking flight and seeing their town or their city from the point of view of a bird...or superhero for that matter! But if you happen to be a huge fan of Supergirl watch the show and follow the character's adventures closely then why not use this as a way to express yourself? Fly in from the sky to the party in style be it a Halloween one or a superhero event of sorts. Everyone loves to make a grand entrance so imagine the one you will make in this costume.
Care instructions
Spot Clean
Polyester, Exclusive Of Trim
Keep away from Fire
Item No
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