Adult DC Comics Riddler Costume

Size: XS
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Riddles and brain teasers are fun right? They make us think really hard and sometimes the answer can surprise us. But it's not always fun and games when if you answer the riddle incorrectly by giving the wrong answer something horrible happens! Introducing the Gotham City Riddler Costume for Women! Are you the type of person that loves to give brain teasers puzzles and riddles yourself? Or perhaps you are a fan of The Riddler from Batman in general and pause the shows to see if you can answer the tough questions? If so show off your unique intelligence on Halloween Comic Con or any other fun event of the year for that matter. Challenge others by giving them difficult riddles and award them if they are correct! Have a competition and see who can solve the most of your riddles. Fun exciting and worth a challenge how can you go wrong?
Care instructions
Spot Clean
Polyester, Exclusive Of Trim
Keep away from Fire
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