Adult Dark Knight Joker Costume

Size: M
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100% Polyester
Why so serious? For anyone who has wanted to cut loose as the Clown Prince of Crime and Chaos, here is your chance with our Grand Heritage Joker costume for adults. It features his signature long purple jacket with matching gloves, blue striped pants, pastel green shirt, dark green vest, and dark gray/yellow spotted necktie. The Joker is known as the face of evil in Gotham City, so no costume would be complete without a makeup kit and wig with his unmistakable manic green mane. When it comes to modern Halloween characters, there are few as immediately recognizable and completely chilling as the Joker. Order your Grand Hertiage Adult Joker costume today, start practicing your evil cackle, and get ready to make 'em laugh til they're terrified. Just be sure to have a few different stories ready for how you got those scars!)
100% Polyester
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Green Vest With Green Satin Back And Lining
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