Wonder Woman Wig

Size: One Size
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Join the action and turn yourself into a crime fighting superhero that is a familiar face in the world of superheroes and villains! Introducing the Wonder Woman Wig for Adults. This nice little accessory isn't just great for Halloween but also fun and awesome to wear to any superhero convention or cosplay event like the popular Comic Con for example! Out of all the superhero props and 2018 Halloween Costume Accessories that are out there you can use this one to turn yourself into Wonder Woman and complete the look from head to toe! With the costume covering your body the weapons ready to go when any threat arrives and the famous tiara resting on top of your head it's almost like you sprung out of the comic books or from the big screen and into our world. All of us want to turn into superheroes and do cool stuff with our powers and that is somewhat true. This perfect and ideal accessory upgrade brings you one step closer to doing just that!
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