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Toy Soldier Costumes & Accessories

Wooden Toy Soldiers have always been popular holiday toys, especially because of the classic ballet, The Nutcracker. Now you can bring the story to life with a Toy Soldier Costume! Perfect for your holiday plays or parties, these costumes will make people believe you are about to battle the Mouse King on Christmas Eve. These Nutcracker Christmas costumes look like traditional wooden nutcrackers with red and gold jacket tops, white bottoms, and tall marching hats. With Toy Soldier Costumes for both adults and kids, everyone can enjoy recreating The Nutcracker!
Kid's Toy Soldier Costume
Toy soldiers are a classic during the holidays, so your little one is going to love dressing up in the Kids' Toy Soldier Costume! The outfit features a regal red jacket with golden trim and matching gold fringe hanging from the shoulders. The blue sleeve cuffs and high collar also feature accents made of gold through the center. An elegant coattail hangs in the back of the coat. The pants are white, and the included blue boot tops can fit nicely over the bottom of them. The ensemble also comes with a tall white hat, which has a small blue rim and gold trim on the top. This is a great look for Halloween, Christmas, or both, so make sure you buy this costume today for your child! If you want to accessorize further, check out our face paint so that your little one can really look like a toy solider.
Kid's Toy Soldier Costume
Although not quite six feet tall, he'll be no less recognizable to keen observers when your son wears the Child Toy Soldier Costume. It comes with a red military jacket decorated in two columns of gold buttons, trimmed in gold, and features a high-set collar. A pair of white pants and a tall military hat are also included to give everyone the peace of mind that bogeymen will not come attacking. A great costume for Halloween, but ideal for Christmas when there are presents that need protecting. Fairytale characters and family members both will be glad to have such a brave and disciplined soldier ready to defend Christmas and ensure the safety of joy and good cheer. Perfect for this costume, a pair of white gloves from our accessories page are a must-have add-on to have your son looking his best.
Adult Red Holiday Toy Soldier Hat
Step into a world of festive enchantment with the Adult Red Holiday Toy Soldier Hat. Featuring a tall red toy soldier cap with yellow trim accents, this fun accessory will perfectly complement your holiday look with a touch of classic Christmas charm. Perfect for Christmas parties or plays, this look is absolutely enchanting. You'll look like the handsomest little drummer boy around when you're wearing this colorful hat, so stand tall and march on!
Adult Deluxe Wooden Toy Soldier Costume
For centuries wooden toy soldiers have been popular holiday toys especially because of The Nutcracker. Now you can bring one to life with this Adult Deluxe Wooden Toy Soldier Costume! The deluxe costume is traditional in style and features a red jacket with ornamental gold fringe shoulder pieces, gold braids and buttons on the front, and gold detailing down the sleeves. Also included is a pair of white pants with matching gold trim down the sides. This costume is perfect for theatrical plays, holiday celebrations, and so much more!
Toy Soldier Hat
March step by step with this Toy Soldier Hat. This item sits tall on top of the head made up of red material and a black vinyl brim. A gold band wraps around the base with a black feather sticking out for decoration. Take a look at some other soldier or military items to see what else you can add to create a classic costume.
Adult Toy Soldier Costume
This Christmas, dance with the sugar plum fairies while dressed in the Toy Soldier Costume Adult. The white hat, red shirt, white pants and blue boot covers are all accented with gold stitching. The shirt also features gold fringe epaulets and a tail in back. Toy soldiers are associated with Christmas because of the story The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, which was adapted into a ballet by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. In the tale, a girl names Clara receives a nutcracker made to look like a toys soldier as a Christmas gift. At night, it comes to life and battles the mouse king, who he vanquishes with Clara's help. Then the two embark on a journey through the land of sweets. The rifle pictured here is not included.

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