Shepherd Costumes & Accessories


As the harbingers of the good news that the baby Jesus was born, the Shepherd is a key character in the Christmastime Nativity scene. Not only did they spread the news of the Savior’s birth, but they also represent the common man. Additionally, later in life, Jesus was referred to as the ‘Good Shepherd’ because he guided, protected, and cared for his flock just like a shepherd would do for their sheep. With these Shepherd Costumes, both adults and kids can don their robes and crook and tend to their flocks.

Boys' Shepherd Costume
Guard the flock this year in the genuine inspired black floor length robe of the Child Shepherd Costume. This comfortable ensemble includes a robe, an under robe, and a belt to literally tie it all together. Your child will feel like an actual farmer once he steps into this long sleeved outfit. The white under robe has long sleeves and a v-neck. The hem reaches the ankles, so your child can show off a cool pair of dark sandals. Black coloring on the short sleeved top robe contrasts sharply with the rest of the design. There is a long black string belt at the waist. Staff and shoes sold separately. See our online Size Chart to determine your child's best fit. Additional shepherding accessories can be purchased separately. Use our online suggestions to get even more creative ideas!
Adult White Shepherd Crook
Whether you're dressing up as Little Bo Peep or a shepherd from the Bible, you will certainly be looking the part when you are wielding our 4 Piece Shepherd White Crook. With this one, you will receive just the shepherd's cane you need to herd your sheep with ease. Featuring a white crook measuring 68" with a curved handle at the top, you are definitely not going to want to miss out on wielding this great accessory this year.
Adult Brown Shepherd Crook
You'll be all ready for the party this year when you are wielding our 4 Piece Shepherd Brown Crook. With this one, you will receive just the accessory you need to live out in the pastures and the valley and herd all your sheep in style. Whether you are dressing up as a Biblical character or just as the modern Little Bo Peep, you are going to have an absolute blast bringing this stylish cane around with you.
Kid's Deluxe Shepherd Costume
Your child will be the commanding member of his flock when he wears the Child Deluxe Shepherd Costume. This Christmas or Halloween costume includes a long, white satin tunic with rope belt, a top layer hooded robe with blue, gray and black stripes, and a coordinating hat. The loose-fitting outfit will comfortably fit size Small, Medium and Large boys. Staff and sandals are not included, but you can complete the look with Shepherds Crook or Biblical Staff Brown, Brown Roman Sandals for Child, or biblical wig, sold separately on our website. This robe is modeled after those worn by Shepherds in Biblical times. It will be a festive addition to any Christmas, church, or Halloween party or event. If you're looking for a historical look that is an alternative to standard holiday costumes like Santa Claus, look no further than this authentically detailed costume.
Boys' Brown Biblical Wig and Beard Set
Your little one will be looking like they just stepped out of the Bible this year when you dress them up with our Child Biblical Wig. With this fun set, you will receive just the set of hair your tyke needs to become Moses, Jesus Christ, Noah, or any other character from the Bible! Featuring a long brown set of hair with wavy hair that comes down to the shoulders, you are definitely not going to want to miss out on this great hairdo this year.
Men's Shepherd Costume
You'll be herding all the sheep in no time this year when you get all dressed up with our Adult Shepherd Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become a rural shepherd who knows a thing or two about using a cane and getting his sheep in line. Featuring a long white and purple gown and robe, as well as a matching belt, you are going to love wearing this great Biblical look this year.
Men's Long Brown Biblical Wig and Beard Set
Whether you're dressing up as Moses or Jesus Christ himself, you will certainly be looking the part this year when you put on our Beard & Wig Biblical Set. With this set, you will receive all of the hair and facial hair you need to take your religious attire to the next level. Featuring a brown and bushy set of long hair with the matching long beard and moustache combo, you definitely do not want to miss out on this one this year.
Kids Shepherd Costume
This year, don't settle for old rugs or bed linens for the shepherd costume in the Christmas pageant. This Shepherd Child Costume includes a one piece garment made to look like a white gown underneath a light brown striped hooded robe. The edges of the robe feature intricate detail. Don't forget to pick up a shepherd's crook and a pair of sandals to complete the look. We've made every effort to make this outfit both authentic looking and affordable, so that all the shepherds in the play look just as good as anyone else on stage, and keep everyone's focus on the story being told. You'll find this Shepherd's Costume for Kids to be a valuable addition to your school's theatrical costume stock, and they even make great costumes for Halloween and Easter. Order yours today!
Adult Shepherd Costume
Tend to your flock in this Shepherd Costume for adults. Go Biblical with this authentic shepherd outfit! This tradition costume features a traditional blue, black, and grey striped hooded robe with a long, ivory satin tunic underneath and belt. Transform into a legitimate Biblical character with this costume! Ideal for nativity scenes, caroling, plays, or costume parties!
Adult Shepherd Costume
You'll know all the secrets of the sheep this year when you get all dressed up with our Adult Shepherd Biblical Costume. With this special set, you will receive everything you need to become a master shepherd who knows a thing or two about living in the ancient rural valleys. Featuring a brown and white robe with a matching white cord belt, you are going to absolutely love wearing this special shepherd look this year.