Rewards Double Points on Holiday Decorations, Costumes, and Accessories Rewards Double Points on Holiday Decorations, Costumes, and Accessories

Elf Accessories


If you are planning on helping Santa this Christmas as one of his jolly elves, you are going to need all the things that make them magical! Complete your Elf costume with these adorable Elf Accessories. Find your perfect pair of elf shoes that have their signature curved toes. Show off an elf’s love of the colors red and green with hats and tights and don’t forget your pointy ears or Buddy The Elf wig! Help spread Christmas cheer as the most festive elf around!

Men's Buddy the Elf Wig
Head to the party wearing the Adult Buddy Elf Wig and you'll have everybody feeling the Christmas spirit all night long. With this one, you will receive just the wig you need to drizzle syrup and candy on your pasta and get in wicked snowball fights with all of the bullies in town. Featuring a curly red wig that will pair perfectly with the rest of your Elf attire, you don't want to miss out on this one.
Adult Red and White Rag Doll Striped Tights
Get in the Christmas spirit with some festive clothing and accessories! These Red and White Striped Tights are a perfect addition to your holiday outfit! Become Santas Little Helper or a Candy Cane in these jolly tights! Also great for other costumes like Pippi Longstocking and Raggedy Anne! Regular size tights fit most people (100-175 lbs. and 5-510).
Green Elf Shoes
The holiday season is full of cheer and glee. When you're dressing as Santa's helper you'll have to be sure that every bell and whistle is perfect on you! Make sure that your kicks look tight with our Green Elf Shoes. With festive holiday coloring you can be sure that you'll have the cheeriest aura!
Green Adult Tights
Whether you're dressing up as Robin Hood, Peter Pan, or one of Santa's elves, you'll be looking fun and festive as ever this year when you are wearing our Green Adult Tights. With this set, you will receive just the pair of tights you need to pull off any look in need of some good old fashioned green. Featuring a stunning pair sporting a flashy green color, you are going to have the time of your life this year when you're wearing these.
Red Elf Shoes
Decorate your feet with the fun and stylish Adult Red Elf Shoes. These funky red pairs will show everyone you are ready to have some fun and dance the night away. The red cloth elf shoes have a rubber sole and are about 10 inches long and 3 inches wide. They fit right over your feet and are comfortable to wear throughout the night. The top of the shoes has an elastic band so that it keeps the shoes snug and fit. It is the perfect shoes to wear with an elf, clown or jester costume.
Adult Red and Green Holiday Striped Tights
Get a bit more festive with these Women's Red and Green Striped Tights. This item comes as a pair of full-length tights starting from the waist and covering everything below. They are patterned as red and green stripes to get in on the holiday spirit. Take a look at some other accessories, costumes, and more to see what else you can add.
Adult Green and Red Plus Tights
Dressing up as a fun and festive Elf from the workshop this year? Then don't forget to put on our Adult Green and Red Plus Tights! With this set, you will receive just the pair of tights you need to make toys, have snowball fights, and play with Santa's reindeer all day long. Featuring a merry pair of both red and green tights that will have you feeling spirited as ever, you're not going to want to miss out on this great holiday attire.
Adult Red and Green Elf Tights
Do you have an elf costume and just need one last piece to give it the full look? If so, look no further, the Adult Red and Green Elf Tights is the perfect piece for you! This accessory is sure to make you stand out in style! One leg is red and the other is green to give you a funky look! You will be Santa's favorite and most fashionable elf this season! The tights are also great to help you stay warm on those chilly holiday nights.
Adult Green Elf Shoes
The Green Elf Shoes are the perfect finishing touch to becoming one of Santa's official helpers this Halloween or Christmas Holiday season. Green, adorned with little pom-poms and curled toes, this is the perfect accessory! Made out of faux green leather, it'll match your Elf costume perfectly.
Kids' Red and White Striped Tights
Does your child have the perfect holiday outfit, but you are looking for the missing piece that will help to keep her warm and stand out a little more? If so, the Girls Red and White Striped Tights is the missing piece! These striped tights are perfect to pair with a plain black dress or a fancier outfit. Your child will also feel much more comfortable with these striped tights as she runs around at your family event. Let your child shine bright in the night and look adorable with these red and white tights!
Adult Beige Pointy Elf Ears
Put the finishing touch on your Santa's helper look with the Pointy Elf Ears. This accessory includes a pair of realistic, pointy elf ears. Make your elf costume even more genuine with this affordable set.
Adult Red and White Holiday Striped Tights
Add a little sass to your women's elf costume or Miss Claus outfit with our Adult Christmas Striped Tights. These candy cane leggings feature red and white stripes that are a great match for many Christmas styles.
Adult Green Elf Deluxe Shoes
Keep your feet cute and comfy at your next costume party with our unforgettable Deluxe Green Elf Shoes for Adult. This item features a luxurious plush green fabric with a curled toe. There is a bell dangling from the tip of the shoe and dark green trim around the ankle.
Men's Green Elf Wig
Make your Halloween and Christmas ensembles extra special this year with this Men's Green Elf Wig. Use this versatile hairpiece to channel the luck of the Irish on St. Patty's Day, to replicate the look of your favorite chocolate factory workers for the Halloween costume party, and to add a cheery twist to your Christmas elf costume to make this holiday season a special one. This wig is made from high-quality synthetic fibers that imitate real hair, and the vibrant green color will make your costume pop. For your best possible experience, this light-weight wig comes complete with an included wig cap for a comfortable and secure fit to keep you looking festive all year long. So what are you waiting for? Use this ultimate accessory to make every holiday one to remember.
Adult Red and White Striped Socks
Create a one-of-a-kind costume with these Red and White Striped Socks! These knee length socks are cozy, cute, and super versatile! Ideal for a Pippi Longstocking, Raggedy Anne, or Annie costume. These striped socks are perfect for expressing your holiday cheer too! Coordinate them with your Christmas costume or ugly sweater!
Adult Red Elf Shoes
Make sure you have your Elf look covered head to toe this Halloween of Christmas Holiday season! Complete your look with the Red Elf Shoes. This accessory is great down to every detail! Accented with red pom-poms and curled toes, everyone will think you're one of Santa's little helpers!
Adult Elf Shoes
If you are helping Santa deliver presents, dont forget your shoes! Complete your merry elf costume with these Adult Elf Shoes! These adorable elf shoes are bright green with a red zigzag cut collar around the ankle. The collar has a green ribbon that ties around the ankle and little jingle bells that make a merry sound with each step. The toes of the shoe are curled up like a traditional elf shoe and have a little red pompom on the tip. These shoes fit most adults and will make your elf costume extra festive!
Elf Pointed Ears
Put the finishing touch on your elf, leprechaun or monster costume with Elf Pointed Ears. This accessory includes a pair of green pointed ears. Affordably make any costume look its best with this set.
Christmas Stripe Child Tights
Your kid will be the most stylish Elf in the toy shop this year when they're wearing our Christmas Stripe Child Tights. With this set, you will receive just the pair of tights you need to turn your tyke into a magical resident of the North Pole! Featuring a pair of green and red horizontally striped tights that will pair perfectly with all kinds of Elf attire, your kid is going to have a blast making toys this year.
Elf Headband Accessory
Santa will be so proud this year when he sees you wearing our Elf Headband Accessory. With this one, you will receive just the headpiece you need to become the hardest working elf in the shop! There won't be a toy in the world you can't create when you're sporting this festive accessory. Featuring a red and green Elf hat headband with golden bells, mistletoe, and white fur trim, you won't want to miss out on this one.
Adult Green Holiday Heeled Ankle Boots
The Women's Green Microfiber Holiday Boots with 3-inch Heel are so merry! You will spread lots of holiday cheer when your wear this elfish footwear. The short boots feature a thin 3-inch heel, an upturned toe just like an elf's shoes and a decorative fabric with a zig zag cut at the ankle.
Green/Red Striped Socks
Feel festive in a pair of our Adult Red and Green Striped Socks. All orders come as a set of knee high socks patterned with alternating red and green stripes. They will really make you look and feel ready the holidays. Browse through more accessories and costumes to see what else you can add to your outfit.

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