15 Indoor Halloween Decorations to Bring Spooky Season to Your Home

When the air gets crisp, bats are flying overhead, and spooky season begins creeping in, it's time to start getting all the Halloween decorations out and on display. While many focus their time on getting the lawn and porch decorated for trick-or-treaters, the interior of your home is a great place to enjoy the horror of Halloween just the same! If you're looking for ideas on how to get the interior of your home as festive as ever for the Halloween holiday, this selection of indoor Halloween decorations should help you get started.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Light-Up Pumpkin

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Light-Up Pumpkin Halloween decoration.

The Pumpkin King of Halloween Town would love to bless your home with his haunting presence this year, so why not decorate with our The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Light-Up Pumpkin? This adorable gourd features Jack Skellington's spooky smiling face with a yellow glowing interior and a brown pumpkin stem. You might even say this prop puts the "Jack" in Jack-o’-Lantern. Pair it with the matching Sally Light-Up Pumpkin Decoration, or go big with the 16-inch Jack Skellington Light-Up Pumpkin, and you'll bring your favorite Tim Burton dark fantasy film to life for all your guests to enjoy.

13-Inch Dragon Skeleton Prop

Skeleton Dragon Halloween Decoration

13-inch Dragon Skeleton Decoration

Famous dragons like Smaug from The Hobbit, Drogon from Game of Thrones, and Falkor from The NeverEnding Story have shown us all the majesty and magic of these enchanted flying beasts. When you pop this 13-inch Dragon Skeleton Prop in your house, you'll have a decoration so fierce that all your guests will tread with caution. Add a pile of fake gold coins around your dragon to give him a hoard to protect.

Crawling Monster Hand Animated Prop

Animated crawling hand Halloween decoration.

Crawling Monster Hand Animated Prop

Arms, legs, feet, hands, ears, eyes, and more — Dr. Frankenstein's infamous monster was stitched together with all kinds of body parts from the deceased. With this Crawling Monster Hand Animated Prop, you can now get your grips on your very own Frankenstein’s monster hand and show your guests just how easy it is to spark life back into the dead! This green hand with cuts and stitches has the ability to crawl across your kitchen table like a spider. All your friends and family will be in awe of this lively undead prop.

Animated Witch Hand Candy Bowl

Animated witch hand candy bowl Halloween Decoration.

Animated Witch Hand Candy Bowl

Whether you put this on the porch to spook trick-or-treaters or place it on the kitchen table to scare your friends and family, it's always more fun when you make the act of retrieving candy a spooky challenge! If you are brave enough to place your hand into the orange bowl for a treat, it might just be your last. With this Animated Witch Hand Candy Bowl, you never know just when the evil green witch hand is going to come grasping out for you. Candy lovers, beware! This Halloween decor item isn't afraid to bite.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Assorted Light-Up Pumpkins

Assorted Nightmare Before Christmas Light-Up Pumpkins Halloween Decorations

3-Inch The Nightmare Before Christmas Assorted Light-Up Pumpkins

If you have a soft spot for The Nightmare Before Christmas (honestly, who doesn't?), then you know what you need to do. Invite your favorite characters into your home as Halloween decorations, of course! With adorable Jack Skellington, Sally, and Oogie Boogie light-up pumpkins, you can now bring the magic of Halloween Town into your very own living room, kitchen, bedroom, or anywhere else you want to create an enchanting Tim Burton display. These flameless lanterns are perfect as decor pieces, spooky night lights, or charming little desk sitters.

24-Inch Hocus Pocus Winifred Sanderson Plush Front Door Greeter

Hocus Pocus Winifred Sanderson Plush Front Door Greeter Halloween Decoration

Winifred Sanderson Plush Front Door Greeter

The eldest Sanderson sister may have an evil streak with a knack for kidnapping children and stealing their souls, but she'll be looking nothing but charming as a Halloween decoration this year with this adorable Winifred Sanderson Plush Front Door Greeter. Bring the unforgettable magic of Hocus Pocus to life for all your guests with a plush decor piece so enchanting it makes everyone feel capable of spells and sorcery. Featuring Winnie's bright orange hair, her classic pursed lips, and her gorgeous green and purple witch gown, this plush is truly one of a kind. Pair it with our other Hocus Pocus decorations to bring Salem to life in your home.

5-Foot Bloody Mess Refrigerator Cover Decoration

Bloody mess refrigerator Halloween decoration

Bloody Mess Refrigerator Decoration

If you're looking for some scary Halloween decorations, there's nothing spookier than the Bloody Mess Refrigerator Cover Decoration. A bunch of decapitated heads, limbs, rats, brains, and pickled body parts and insects all splattered with blood, designed and cut to fit right on your refrigerator door... this one is not for the faint of heart. You might not pass your health inspection with this in your kitchen, but you will get a laugh as your friends and family take a second look at the appetizers you put out at your Halloween party.

14-Inch Black Witch's Cauldron

Black witch's cauldron Halloween Decoration.

14-inch Black Witch's Cauldron

Newt eyes, snake skin, dragon bones, and sage! Whatever you choose to concoct your potions with this year, you'll be more than ready for brewing with the 14-inch Black Witch's Cauldron. Get all your witches, wizards, and sorcerers together for an enchanted ritual like no other! Pair this big black cauldron with a fog machine, and you'll have a mysterious smoke and fog to accompany all of your magical potion-making escapades.

6-Foot Creepy Staircase Wall Decoration

Creepy staircase Halloween decoration

Creepy Staircase Wall Decoration

Make your home feel like an enchanted castle with the Creepy Staircase Wall Decoration! If you're looking for the perfect prop to create a bone-chilling haunted house atmosphere for all your guests, this one takes the cake. What secret mystery lies atop the forbidden staircase lined with stone and skull torches? There's only one way to find out! This eerie decor piece stands at almost six feet tall and can be placed anywhere in your home. This is a simple but highly effective item that is guaranteed to pique your guests' curiosity.

5-Foot Skeleton Photo Stand-In Poster

Stand-in Skeleton photo prop poster Halloween decoration.

Skeleton Photo Stand-In Poster

Whether you're throwing a Halloween party or just looking for an eerily charming prop to have some fun with the family, the Skeleton Photo Stand-In Poster is sure to bring a smile to all your spooky skeleton faces! This piece features a five-foot-tall poster with skeletons standing in a haunted graveyard scene and cut-outs for your faces to pop in — perfect for spooky photos. Your Halloween party decorations will be off the charts with this interactive scary decor item.

Brown Realistic Rat Decoration

Brown furry rat Halloween Decoration

6-Inch Brown Realistic Rat Decoration

What's scarier than a ghost, demon, or witch? A rat infestation, of course! This year, get all the rats scurrying around the home to create a haunted house display that can't be matched. Place these Brown Realistic Rat Decorations on the kitchen table, next to the couch, or wherever else they’ll startle your guests, and you'll have everyone on high alert all night long. Pick up a couple of these fuzzy little guys, complete with ears and a tail, and scatter them around the house to complete your fake rat attack in a big way this Halloween.

10-Inch Reaching Zombie Hand Groundbreaker Decoration

Zombie Hand Groundbreaker Halloween Decoration

10-Inch Reaching Zombie Hand Groundbreaker Decoration

When hands start bursting from the living room floor, it's time to start wondering if your house was accidentally built atop a haunted cemetery. With this bone-chilling Zombie Hand Groundbreaker Prop, you can now plant a zombie hand in any room you like to give off the illusion that corpses are awakening below ground and clawing their way back to the surface straight through your floorboards. Featuring a realistic blue zombie hand with broken stone designs at the base for a groundbreaking effect, you are going to create some real scares with this one.

18.5-Inch Hanging Spirit Board Decoration

Square Ouja board Halloween Decoration

18.5-inch Hanging Spirit Board Decoration

Speak to the dead and summon ancient spirits right from the comfort of your very own home this year with this Hanging Spirit Board Decoration. Featuring a black-painted board with a white circular Ouija design and ornamental accents, this piece is both spooky and aesthetically pleasing. Hang it on the wall, on the back of your door, or wherever else your guests will be able to engage with it best, and you bet you'll have all kinds of tales of the supernatural this year.

6-Foot Killer Clown Silhouette Curtain Decoration

Killer Clown Behind a Curtain Halloween Decoration

6-Foot Killer Clown Silhouette Curtain Decoration

Tell all your guests that an evil, murderous clown has escaped the circus and is on the loose in your neighborhood this year when you decorate with the Bloody Clown Killer Silhouette Curtain Decoration! Clowns are spooky enough as it is, but killer clowns with a pension for murder? There's nothing more skin-crawling than that. With this decoration, you will receive just the prop you need to create the illusion of a bloody knife-wielding clown hidden behind a curtain, with colorful jumbo-sized clown feet protruding from the bottom. There's no hiding from this Pennywise look-alike.

15-Piece Spider and Web Pack

Spiders and Webs Halloween Decoration

15-Piece Spider and Web Pack

A simple spider web and set of spiders can turn any arrangement of Halloween decorations into a real spooky scene, making this 15-piece Spider and Web Pack one of the most versatile decorations on this list. Drape webs and spiders over a skeleton prop to make it appear as if they've been dead for centuries, or drape them from your shelves, around the fireplace, on the window sill, and next to some candles for a haunting atmosphere that will give your guests chills down their spines.

Haunt Your Halls with These Halloween Decorations

Most people tend to focus their attention on exterior decorations to get in the Halloween spirit, but dressing up the inside of your space can be just as fun! After all, the spooky season makes no distinction between indoors and outdoors, so why not add a couple of scares and surprises around the house for your family and friends to enjoy? Use some of the products above and some supplies from the craft store to get your home decked out in Halloween style. Whether you're going for something truly terrifying or a more family-friendly theme, our Halloween decorations have something for everyone. Who says decking the halls is just a Christmas thing?

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