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Halloween is the best time of year to unleash your creativity and love for fandom with a costume that shows off your personality. From cute costumes to sexy costumes to coordinated group looks with your friends and family, the possibilities are truly endless. Halloween night is also the perfect excuse to put on your best scary get-up and haunt the streets of your neighborhood for fun (and candy). So if horror movies are your jam and scary costumes are your speed, you're in the right place. We're sharing our best scary Halloween costume ideas to help you have your most haunting Halloween yet!

Horror Halloween Costumes for Men

Horror movies are full of iconic male villains, making them an excellent source of inspiration for your Halloween costume. Whether you go for a classic horror character like Michael Myers from John Carpenter's Halloween franchise or something more modern like Bill Skarsgård's interpretation of Pennywise from the new IT movies, you've got plenty of options to create a great Halloween costume. Here are some of our favorite options.

Jason Voorhees Halloween Costume

DIY Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Halloween Costume

© John Valentin via TikTok

Not all horror movie villains are quick and swift in their murderous ways. When you're dressed as Jason Voorhees, you can show the world how a machete in hand and a slow and relentless pace is all that’s needed to get the job done. The Men's Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Costume Kit is one Jason look of many that will speak volumes to your victims. One thing is certain: Camp Crystal Lake will never be safe as long as you are haunting the grounds. 

Hannibal Lecter Halloween Costume

Men's Hannibal Lecter Halloween Costume

Men's Silence of the Lambs Hannibal Lecter Costume

It’s one thing to be a serial killer; it’s something else entirely to eat your victims after slaughtering them. As Hannibal Lecter, you’ll be the most terrifying presence in any room. Send a chill down everyone’s spines this year with a Silence of the Lambs look that'll have you craving more than just candy this Halloween.

Saw Billy the Puppet Halloween Costume

DIY Saw Billy the Puppet Halloween Costume

© Creative Costumes via Pinterest

A master of torture and elaborate games, Jigsaw from the long-running Saw franchise is an evil mastermind with a twisted sense of morality. Go on and ask all your friends if they “want to play a game” with you this year when you’re all decked out as this horror movie villain’s iconic puppet pal. Whether you go the DIY route with face paint and an outfit you already own, scout out some Billy masks, or opt for a ready-to-wear costume like our Men's Saw Billy Halloween Costume, you'll certainly be ready for action this year.

Pennywise Halloween Costume

DIY IT Pennywise Halloween Costume

© u/wak3andbak3ry via Reddit

A transdimensional evil clown who feasts on the souls of children every 27 years in a quaint town in Maine? It doesn’t get any more terrifying than that! If you’re looking to scare the socks off of all your friends this Halloween, put on your best Pennywise the Clown costume from IT and remind everyone why you should never trust a clown in a sewer holding a red balloon. Bonus points if you can get your best friend or partner to dress up as Georgie in his yellow raincoat. You'll be floating to the top of the "best scary Halloween costume" ranking in no time. If you prefer Tim Curry's interpretation of the character, we've got a whole collection of IT costumes for your viewing terror — er, pleasure.

Chucky Halloween Costume

DIY Child's Play Chucky Halloween Costume

© Costume Works

Show everyone that you're one of the Good Guys... by dressing up as a sentient serial killing doll and terrorizing your whole neighborhood on Halloween night. To get all dolled up as Chucky from Child’s Play, you'll need a pair of denim overalls, a multicolored striped shirt, red sneakers, and an orange wig (assuming you aren't already rocking an orange bowl cut). Splatter some fake blood all over yourself, grab your (also fake) knife, and get ready to ask your friends if they wanna play. We can't guarantee they'll say yes, but one thing is certain: you're going to have a good time regardless.

Horror Halloween Costumes for Women

Girls just wanna have fun, and who says that fun can't include guts, gore, and general mayhem? There are just as many femme fatales as there are murderous men in horror movies, so you ladies can get in on the scary Halloween costume shenanigans too. Whether you're going as an iconic movie character or putting a scary twist on a fairy tale character like Little Red Riding Hood, we've got suggestions to help you bring out your inner scream queen.

Carrie Halloween Costume

DIY Carrie Halloween Costume

© Jackie Giardina

Has there ever been an anti-bullying PSA as effective as Carrie? We think not. Bring the prom to your Halloween party this year and paint the town red when you show up as Carrie White from Stephen King's debut novel. If you feel bad bloodying up a dress from your closet or the thrift store, you can buy a princess costume and drizzle some gory goodness all over it or buy a ready-to-wear Carrie Bloody Prom Dress Costume — no additional fake blood required. Add some accessories like a tiara and a bouquet of flowers, and you'll be discovering your repressed telekinetic powers before the night is through.

M3GAN Halloween Costume

M3GAN Halloween Costume

© Cosmopolitan

She's part toy doll and part artificially intelligent robot. M3GAN's purpose in life is to become a child’s greatest companion, no matter the cost. When protecting your human counterpart means life or death, murder might just be on the table. Dress up as this cute yet fearsome AI doll with a Women's M3GAN Halloween Costume this year, and fool everyone into thinking you’re just a harmless and fun toy before showing them what the supercharged software below your charming exterior is really capable of.

The Shining Twins Halloween Costume

The Shining Grady Twins Halloween Costume

© Taylor Bowe via Pinterest

When you stay at an isolated hotel for the winter with nobody around, well… spooky things start happening. This year, bring back the memory of the Grady twins and haunt the hallways of whatever Halloween party you’re attending. All that’s needed is a pale blue dress and a pair of white knee-high stockings to bring this unforgettable The Shining look to life. Get your bestie to join in on the look and double the trouble this Halloween.

Bellatrix Lestrange Halloween Costume

DIY Harry Potter Bellatrix Lestrange Halloween Costume

via Pinterest

Whether you’re looking to join Voldemort’s army or just want to celebrate one of the Harry Potter series' most iconic female wizards, you can’t go wrong with a classic Bellatrix Lestrange look. You'll need a black lace-front dress (or corset top paired with a skirt), black boots, black gloves, and a messy, curly wig with Bellatrix's signature gray  streak. You'll look so good that young wizards everywhere will be blaming you for Sirius Black's murder.

The Ring Samara Halloween Costume

DIY The Ring Samara Halloween Costume

© u/tragictoy77 via Reddit

Put a pop culture twist on the classic "spooky ghost" costume theme by dressing up as Samara from The Ring. This is also a super easy Halloween costume since all you need is a white hospital gown or t-shirt dress and a long black wig to get the foundation of the look down. Dirty up your outfit with some strategically placed stains, smear some Halloween makeup on your face, and your friends will be looking twice at their TV screens when you show up at the Halloween party. Better start practicing your haunting demon crawl so you can really sell the look!

Scary Halloween Costumes for Kids

Who says horror Halloween costumes are just for the grown-ups? It's no secret that kids enjoy embracing their scary sides on Halloween when the freakiness feels more like fun, and everyone's dressed up in costumes. So if your little one is determined to get in on the scary Halloween costume action, we've got some options that tone down the guts and gore without sacrificing the chills and thrills.

Boys' Vampire Costume

Boys' Transylvanian Vampire Halloween Costume

© Caroline Armelle Drake

If your kiddo has a thirst for blood, then give them the haunted Halloween of a lifetime when you dress them up in a one-of-a-kind vampire look. Watch as they emerge from their coffin, hang upside down like a bat, and scavenge the pastures for.. um... treats. With a Boys' Transylvanian Vampire Halloween Costume on, your boy will be beaming and shining as bright as the sun (despite not being able to actually bask in it, of course).

Girls' Goth Cheerleader Halloween Costume

Girls' Goth Cheerleader Halloween Costume

Girls' Goth Cheerleader Costume

Think fun and preppy, but make it black. Your daughter will be roaring and cheering for the home team in style this year, all while celebrating her love for the dark and macabre. Throw a goth cheerleader costume together on your own and add some devil horns, fake blood, or a touch of zombie makeup to really take the look to a new level of horror.

Boys' Scary Clown Halloween Costume

Boys' Black and Red Scary Clown Halloween Costume

Boys' Scary Clown Halloween Costume

Your little one will be looking like they were shot out of the cannon of an evil circus when they decide to dress up as a scary and sinister clown this Halloween. Nothing is spookier than a murderous clown who’s gotten loose and is hungry for new victims. Whether your little jester goes by the name of Bozo, Krusty, or Pennywise, they’ll certainly be spreading fear like a pro. With a Boys' Scary Clown Halloween Costume on, everybody will be fleeing your kid's circus this year.

Girls' Goth Prom Queen Halloween Costume

Girls' Goth Zombie Halloween Costume

© A Girl and a Glue Gun

If your daughter is looking to steal hearts in a literal sense this Halloween, then a Girls' Goth Prom Queen Halloween Costume is the look for her. Part glam, part goth, but completely cool, your little girl will be rising to the top of her class when she shows up in this look. Whether she wants to go for a subtle shadowy look or a full-on zombie aesthetic, your little angel will be wearing her crown in style and showing off her dark side.

Boys' Zombie Punk Halloween Costume

Boys' Punk Rock Zombie Halloween Costume

Boys' Zombie Punk Halloween Costume

Your child will be ready to emerge from the ground and shred their guitar with a fury when they choose an undead and eccentric Boys' Zombie Punk Halloween Costume this year. The perfect merger between corpse and chaos, you can’t go wrong with a killer look with some serious punk attitude. Your kid will be raging against the system and working up an appetite for more than just sweet treats this Halloween.

Girls' Harlequin Clown Halloween Costume

Girls' Harlequin Clown Halloween Costume

Girls' Harlequin Clown Costume

If your daughter loves putting on a show, then she’ll have the time of her life in our Girls' Harlequin Clown Costume. Equal parts fun and chaotic, the Harlequin clown has always been known to be a mischievous devil. Perfect for girls who want to put the "trick" in trick-or-treat, her friends will be on their toes all night long as she wreaks havoc throughout the neighborhood on Halloween.

Horror Halloween Costumes for Couples & Groups

Halloween is more fun with friends, so why not go for a couples costume or group costume look? From horror movie ensembles like the Killer Klowns from Outer Space to iconic movie duos like Lydia Deetz and Beetlejuice, you can't go wrong with getting your friends, family, or partner in on a coordinated costume. Here are some of our favorite scary Halloween costumes for groups and couples.

Freddy Krueger Couples’ Costume

Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger Couple's Halloween Costume

© Alejandra via Pinterest

Slash your way through dreams as a pair this year when you double up as the most iconic horror villain from A Nightmare on Elm Street. Nobody in town will be safe when you’re both wielding Freddy’s famous slasher gloves and tipping your fedoras in unison. Rule the dreamscape and remind everyone why when it comes to horror movie villains, Freddy still wins by a mile. Seeing you and your partner in a Men's Freddy Krueger Costume and a matching Women's Freddy Costume will be something people on Elm Street won't forget for a long time.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space Group Costume

Killer Klowns from Outer Space Group Halloween costumes.

© D. Begley via Flickr

Portal on down to Earth as your favorite gang of extraterrestrial clowns this year when you wear some Killer Klowns from Outer Space costumes with all of your friends or family. Clowns are terrifying enough as it is, but killer alien clowns with a thirst for flesh and blood take the meaning of fear to a whole new level. Show up to the party wearing the cosmic clown garb of one of the great science fiction horror classics from the '80s, and you’re sure to take first prize for best group costume this year.

Jack Skellington and Sally Couples’ Costume

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington and Sally Couples costume.

© Keiko Lynn

Rule Halloween Town as a spooky dynamic duo when you sport the looks of your favorite Tim Burton characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas. There is perhaps no other character more associated with Halloween than Jack Skellington (aka the “Pumpkin King”) himself, and with his pretty and caring rag doll partner Sally by his side, all kinds of haunting shenanigans are sure to break loose.

Sanderson Sisters Group Costume

DIY Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters Group Halloween Costume

© Megan Zietz

Return to Salem with your gals and get revenge on all those who persecuted you so long ago when you dress up as your favorite three witches from Hocus Pocus this Halloween. Brew potions, cast wicked spells from your giant spell book, and soar through the sky on your brooms as Winifred, Sarah, and Mary to make this a horror-filled night of magic and chaos like no other.

Beetlejuice and Lydia Couples’ Costume

A couple dressed in Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz Halloween costumes.

© Keiko Lynn

You know the drill: say his name three times, and he’ll come alive! This year, dress up as your favorite bio-exorcist, Beetlejuice, and his lovely bride, Lydia. As far as Tim Burton classics go, Beetlejuice is definitely up there with all the greats. Celebrate this notorious spirit from the Netherworld and his soon-to-be wife, and you’ll make Halloween memories that will last you an (after) lifetime.

Five Nights at Freddy's Group Halloween Costume

Five Nights at Freddy's Group Halloween Costume

© Lefty via Pinterest

When the lights go out and the pizzeria closes, that’s when the evil animatronic band members come alive! If you love horror video games, then you won't want to miss out on the opportunity to dress up as this murderous band with all your friends. From Freddy Fazbear to Chica the Chicken and Bonnie the Bunny, you’ll be shredding far more than just your guitar when you’re sporting wicked teeth and claws like these Five Nights at Freddy's characters.

Horror Costumes are a Hit!

The true origins of Halloween can be traced back to ancient rituals to ward off ghosts and ghouls, so it's only right to do your part and wear some creepy costumes during the spooky season. Whether you're looking for scary costume ideas for kids, adults, couples, or groups, you certainly have tons of options to choose from. Happy haunting!