Men's Black Rock 'n' Roll Wig

Size: One Size
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It wouldn't be surprising if you Can't Help Falling in Love with this timeless Elvis-impersonation costume. The Men's Black Rock 'n' Roll Wig from is an amazing way to pay tribute to the one and only King of Rock and Roll. Go all out by pairing this wig-and-sideburn combo with long gold chains, a buttoned shirt with only one button in place, and a popped camp collar. Don’t forget the loose tapered jeans and blue suede shoes. Bonus points for those of you who go the extra mile and glue hair to your chest for an authentic look.
Care instructions
Do Not Use Heated Styling Tools As This Will Damage Synthetic Fiber. Cool Temperature Styling Tools, Plastic Curlers, And Hairspray Are Recommended.
100% Synthetic Fibers
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