Men's Classic Star Trek Scotty Shirt - Premium

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Take a trip through the universe as a space pioneer from Star Trek. The Star Trek Classic Adult Deluxe Red Shirt features the long sleeved red shirt. The black collar dips into a slight v-neck. The female trekkies won't be able to resist this authentic looking Star Trek shirt. It's even got the emblem on the chest! Although the black pants aren't included, you'll be able to complete this intergalactic look with any pair of your own black slacks. This officially licensed Star Trek costume will look great at any Halloween function but it will also help you blend in at a Star Trek convention. You might even be mistaken as an actual Star Trek character, especially if you add the Star Trek Tng Phaser that's available separately on this website. You'll look out of this world at whatever every function you suit up in this Star Trek Classic Adult Deluxe Red Shirt!
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