Kid's Angel Costume

Size: M
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There is not better word to describe your child than heavenly. So order the Girl's Angel Costume and she will look divine. The set comes with a dress, belt and a halo that is attached to a headband. The long, white features sheer sleeves and high neckline. Angels are heavenly beings, said to be god's messengers. Many people have had angels appear to them, including Abraham, father of Isaac, John the Baptist's mother, Mary, the mother of Jesus and shepherds in the field the day of Jesus' birth. Many believe that each person has a guardian angel who watches over them, often the angel is a deceased ancestor. Some legends say angels can make music by beating their wings. Wings are not included with this set, but you can order a pair separately. Your child will be the shining star on Halloween or in a nativity play when she wears this garb.
Care instructions
Hand Wash Cold Water; Do Not Bleach; Dry Flat; Do Not Iron
100% Polyester
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