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Hello Kitty® Answers Questions for Her Fans!

Hello Kitty and Friends - 13" Plush Arcade Hello Kitty


Supercute, sweet, and full of positive energy, it’s not much of a surprise as to why children and adults everywhere want to go on a magical adventure with Hello Kitty and all her friends! If you are Hello Kitty’s biggest fan, then you’re going to have a blast watching Hello Kitty® answer all kinds of fun questions in this special little video.

In this video, Hello Kitty® shares answers and secrets to the questions all her fans are curious to know. Here, we learn that Hello Kitty’s favorite sweet treat is home-baked apple pie from her Mom, her favorite hobbies are playing piano and baking goodies, and that her favorite way to relax is by reading books and learning! Hello Kitty also let’s us know that Pochacco, a cool pup who loves to skateboard, play sports, and eat lots of banana ice cream, will be joining her on Season 4 of the animated YouTube series Hello Kitty and Friends Supercute Adventures.

You’ll definitely want to get your hands on our new Hello Kitty® plush. Featuring a soft and cushiony white body adorned with all the flashy attire and accessory items, you are going to love playing and cuddling with this one. Complete with classic pink bow, a pair of colorful robot goggles, a hot pink shirt, an iridescent pink skirt that shines and glimmers, as well as a pair of purple shoes, it really doesn’t get any better than this cozy collector’s item. This adorable 13” plush is weighted at the bottom to stand easily.

Whether you are playing with your Hello Kitty® plush or just cuddling with it while watching your favorite Hello Kitty and Friends Supercute Adventures episode on YouTube, don’t miss out on adding this ultra-cute Hello Kitty® to your plush collection!


Read Full Interview Transcription Below: 

Marc: Hey everybody, I’m your Haul-A-Thon host, Marc Summers, and we've got a treat for you today. It’s an exclusive interview with Hello Kitty! We’ve had a lot of questions for Hello Kitty, who won the hearts of fans all the way back starting in 1974. She’s got a lot going on these days so let's welcome Hello Kitty to the Haul-A-Thon stage.

Hello Kitty: Hello friends, I'm Hello Kitty. I am super excited to be part of the Haul-A-Thon and answer some questions. Here we go! “What's your favorite sweet treat?” Oh, that’s easy. My mama’s apple pie. Next question! “Where is your favorite place to visit?” Anywhere in San Rio town, where all my friends live. Oh, this is a hard question to answer. “Who is your best friend?” I have a lot of best friends, because like I always say, you can never have too many friends. “Do you have a favorite hobby?” Oh, yes, I love to play piano and bake. “What do you do to relax?” Oh I love to relax. When I relax, I like to read and bake yummy sweet treats for my friends. Oh, here are some questions about the Hello Kitty and Friends Super Cute Adventure Show! “How exciting is it to have a show with all your friends?” Oh, it’s so much fun! We love sharing all our super cute adventures with everyone. “Any new friends joining for Season 4?” Oh, glad you asked. My good friend Pochacco will be joining us for Season 4. Super excited for you all to meet him! “Any fun facts about Pochacco?” Tons of fun facts. First of all, Pochacco is a sporty guy. He loves sports and banana ice cream. He also loves to skateboard, and you can always find him at Friendship Park. He’s a really fun guy to be around. “Do you have a favorite episode from the series?” Oh, that’s a tough question. All the episodes are my favorite. We share so many super cute adventures that it’s impossible to just pick one. Oh but I will say that anything that involves being with my friends and going on adventures, even magical ones, is my favorite. Okay, here’s the last question. “What’s one item you can never leave home without?” That’s easy! My favorite red bow of course. This bow was a gift from my mom, so I always wear it everywhere I go. It’s a must accessory. Wow, that was fun! Thanks so much to everyone for stopping by. Be sure to check out Hello Kitty and Friends Super Cute Adventures Season 4, on the official Hello Kitty and Friends YouTube channel. See you there!

Marc: A big thank you to Hello Kitty for answering all of our questions. Now the latest 13” plush from KidRobot is available right now at Target stores, online at Target.com, and internationally at Haulathon.com. So be sure to pick one up today. Marc Summers saying, “See you next time collectors.”


Hello Kitty and Friends - 13" Plush Arcade Hello Kitty